Make resume warehouse optional

Please remove the command to resume warehouse if suspended in Data Loader. We have auto-resume on and this not needed. Also, users are not allowed to have alter privileges to warehouses.

Data Loader executes alter the warehouse if suspended regardless the state of the snowflake warehouse.

However, there is a chance that a user only have usage right; but unable to change the state of the warehouse.

We will consider an approach to overriding this behavior.

In the meantime, we can alleviate the user’s role to allow performing such alter operation.

Thank you for your quick response. Yes, I believe that workaround would be an acceptable solution for us.

@jahnc thanks for your request.

I understand your use case and issue. We can’t remove the default functionality as it will potentially break existing automated uses of the Data Loader however we can add an optional command line / env parameter that can override the default behavior.

Meaning, something like --warehouse_resume which would default to true as it does now but if you explicitly set it to false it won’t try to resume it.

Would that work for you?

Yes, I believe that workaround would be acceptable. Thank you.

@jahnc Data Loader pre-release of version 2.3.0 is available which has an optional CLI switch sf_no_warehouse_resume which when used won’t try to resume the warehouse.

Reach out to your FlowObjects representative if you’d like to try this pre-release out and let us know if that addresses your feature request.

@jahnc Data Loader 2.3.0 has been released.