FlowObjects Excel Add-in - description

What is it

Powerful tool for MS Excel users to meaningfully utilize data from a database that is refreshed dynamically in MS Excel.

Why it matters

  • This tool enables business analysts with MS Excel acumen to pull in any type of data set from a database and then refresh it dynamically

  • This means you can add a “what if” or a “change” to your spreadsheet and it will go get the new and most current data from the DB.

  • Can be shared with other business users

Who should be interested in this

  • Business analytics users with MS Excel acumen

  • Developers who support business analysts with MS Excel acumen


  • MS Excel based tool that dynamically integrates with database information.

  • Especially useful for business users seeking to do analysis of cloud data

  • Enables anything that can be written in SQL to be used as a result set in Excel

  • Enables ability for business to partner with DB developer to run parameterized SQL queries using User Defined Table Functions

    • User and developer perspective


  • True on demand data for MS Excel users.

  • MS Excel users are able to use Excel to pull any type of data set from a cloud DB (such as SnowFlake) and refresh it dynamically.

  • Uses Triggers and UDTFs to provide flexibility in how data is pulled.

  • A developer can easily set up the tool to make it work and then hand if off to a business user with MS Excel expertise for analysis.

  • Allows the users to utilize the strengths of the database processing large datasets and the flexibility of excel

How it works:

Simply put, users are able to do lots of dynamic things by crafting queries in this Excel based tool to send to the DB.