Error table default behavior

πŸ™‹ Feature Request:

Change default behavior to not create or populate an error table. Include a flag to utilize this feature if desired.

:thinking: Expected Behavior:

If data loader is run, no error table creation or population will be attempted. If error_table switch is added and provided a table name then this feature will be utilized.

:hushed: Current Behavior:

Error table is created and populated by default

πŸ’ Possible Solution:

Remove default behavior and add a switch

:flashlight: Context:

:computer: Examples / Screenshots:

@cgiles thank you for the feature request. We’ve received this request previously, but as you can appreciate, changing default behavior isn’t something we can do lightly as it may impact multiple customers and use cases. Allow us some time to investigate this request.

@gennady In the mean time do we want to consider implementing a flag that would disable the error table functionality?

We’re going to change the default behavior instead in next major release.

@cgiles I’m happy to announce that Data Loader 3.0.0 is officially released and has a lot of great enhancements in the new version.

One of the changes is related to this request. So starting with this version, the logging to an error table functionality is no longer the default as it now requires the explicit use of the log_to_error_table flag.

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